21 Dec

3 Reasons Why Urban Planners Invest in Case Construction Machinery


Urban planners are hired by cities, towns, municipalities, counties and states to develop plans and programs for land usage. Often, their tasks involve revitalizing physical facilities, creating communities and accommodating growth. And the ability to actually mobilize and complete the tasks required relies on heavy construction machinery. There are many brands urban planners can choose from, but when the most veteran professionals make their selection, most invest in Case construction machinery, and here are three reasons why.

  1. Case Construction Machinery is a True Pioneering Force

One of the main reasons why experienced urban planners invest in Case construction machinery is because the brand itself is known throughout the industry as being a true pioneering innovator in the landscape of its industry. In the mid 40s a Massachusetts water utility company put out the call for a single piece of construction equipment that could perform the roles of three individual ones. Case responded to the challenge and engineered the world’s first backhoe loader. Since then, Case has been regarded as a creative force that doesn’t simply design their own versions of another brand’s innovation, but instead they are true thought-leaders creating custom solutions for specific needs that become universally available. 

  1. Case Construction Machinery is Conveniently Located

Urban planners know all too well that completing projects on time with well-maintained, high quality construction machinery is critical to their ability to be successful. So having dealerships near work sites and company headquarters is critical to ensure spare parts are easily accessible, repairs can be made promptly, rentals can be picked up on the minute, and routine maintenance can proceed without delay. Case construction machinery is known for having dealerships all over America. In fact, Sonsray Machinery has the largest number of Case construction machines on the west coast with locations in Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. As a result, urban planners invest in Case construction machinery with total confidence. 

  1. The Best Service Revolves Around Case Construction Machinery

A number of the world’s best known construction brands hire mechanics from tech schools to service their excavators, dozers, forklifts and other pieces of machinery. However, Case trains and certified Master Technicians who are solely trained to work on their own equipment, and their hands never touch another brand thus making them skilled masters. One reason why Case construction machinery has such a long lifetime value is due to the exceptional service performed by these master technicians–they keep all equipment in pristine condition for lengthy periods of time. And for this reason, and the other ones mentioned, urban planners turn to Case construction machinery as their go-to option for sustaining a competent and valuable fleet of construction machines.