16 Apr

Get the Most Complete Solar Panel Warranty with our Spring Promotion


Using solar panels on homes is quickly becoming a trend. Solar Optimum wants to assist you in  becoming a part of this eco-friendly alternative that will also help you lower your electric bill. This spring we are offering a great deal with the ability to save $3000. Along with this amazing discount, we continue to provide our solar panel warranty.

What is Covered in the Solar Panel Warranty?

We guarantee our solar system will be at top performance and if it ever falls short we will immediately help resolve the issue and we will be sure to compensate you. We want you to trust that the estimate we provide can be depended on and that our system will continuously reach it. Our warranty also guarantees its panels, inverters, racking systems, the roof, and our workmanship. This means the parts and labor of your solar panels will be guaranteed. No other solar company can offer a solar panel warranty like Solar Optimum. 

How Long Will the Warranty Last For?

25 years. You read that correctly. 25 years. The warranties listed above guarantee nothing but the best from beginning to end for 25 years. We are very confident in our product and workmanship and we are sure you will be pleased with it as well. 

Why Can Solar Optimum Offer Such a Great Warranty?

We are able to offer such great warranties because we use only the best; beginning with our panels which are developed by the industry’s leading manufacturers to having 5-star installers efficiently put your panels up. We make sure everything is done correctly  and to always be ready to help and remedy the problem if it is ever necessary. 

What Manufacturers Does Solar Optimum Use?

We have high levels of certifications with these manufacturers: Tesla, Enphase, UNIRAC, and Panasonic Solar. Working with these leading manufacturers allows us to provide you great quality which in turn allows us to grant you all these warranties.

What if There is Ever an Emergency?

Because we want to make sure you have nothing to worry about, we offer home battery-backup which helps you to continue to have power even during an emergency, such as a power outage.

How Can I Get the Spring Promotion?

Easy! We are offering $1000 off for every referral during April. Download our app now and register your referrals!

Can I Get a Consultation During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Yes, but we want to ensure your safety and ours, so we are currently offering our consultations via Zoom and have live chat agents available during regular business hours. Solar Optimum encourages continuing practicing CDC’s guidelines in social distancing. Moreover, during this crisis we still guarantee our parts and labor to be the best we can offer. You can also check out our website to learn more information about the warranties and other details such as the ability to transfer the warranties if you were to sell your house.  

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