17 May

How to Find the Best Chinese Translation Company to Improve Your Efficiency


If you are looking for a company that can translate English to Chinese, and translate Chinese to English, and improving efficiency is one of your most important goals, you will need to find a high-quality Chinese translation company that has a streamlined process for completing projects with flawless communication. If improving your own efficiency is paramount on your list of goals, and you are also shopping around for a Chinese translation company, this article will provide guidance to help you learn what to look for in a translation agency that can help you improve your own operations.

Your Chinese Translation Agency Should be Well Versed in All Dialects

More companies investing in Chinese workforces report in expanding their overseas teams, and with this type of growth comes a larger community of mixed dialects. China has more than 200 dialects with Mandarin being the largest spoken of them all. It is very important to work with a Chinese translation company that can translate documents for mixed internal Chinese teams, as well as for English and Chinese teams that work together, and if your Chinese translation agency is skilled and proficient in all the dialects, you can count on an efficient process.


Clearly, communication is key. You don’t want to partner with a Chinese translation company that takes their own sweet time in responding to your urgent messages, but you also don’t want to get bombarded with calls over minor, unnecessary things when an email is perfectly acceptable. When Chinese translation agencies over-communicate, they drive your team nuts, create extra work, and they create tension for your team that impact’s one’s ability to stay focused and perform tasks free from error.  Most organizations only focus on Chinese translation agencies that are too quiet, and while you certainly don’t want to be ghosted, you also want reasonable, timely communication. Therefore, when searching for a language translation company specializing in Chinese, make sure they run off an etiquette that’s apropos to your needs.

Who’s Who?

Finally, you will want to see who is on your team at the Chinese translation company before entering into a contract. Are these people native language speakers? Are they certified in Chinese languages? Who is the project manager? Is there a tech specialist in charge of integrating platforms?

It is important to ensure your Chinese translation experts hold all the necessary certifications. Don’t just look for people on the team who are certified as being fluent in speaking Chinese, but certified to translate Chinese, and English to Chinese, through any medium including document translations, desktop translation, meeting transcript, training videos, and anything in between.

Finally, make sure the team is experienced and has a great portfolio of projects they have completed. Follow these tips, and you will find an amazing Chinese translation company that can help make your company more efficient by providing perfect translations.