10 Jul

The Best Ways To Increase Your Profits


If you have a business, surely your biggest concern is to increase your profits, which is totally normal, almost all people when they start a business and they what they want is for them to do better, the profits are never enough, not even when they manage to double or even triple, when this happens business owners what they are looking for is a way to grow the business, perhaps putting more branches (depending on the type of business it is), or expanding and remodeling it, increasing its capacity to receive clients or prospects. Businesses like plastic surgery clinics expand their offer by offering treatments such as gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana or dentists offer root canal in Tijuana, all in order to offer new and above all better services. And this is a very important point that we should all take into account, that a business does not matter how long it has been in the market, how well positioned it is and how much profit it is making, always, always, always in constant growth. 

This is because if a business stays with the same formula that has been useful for years when the times, tastes and needs of people change, it will no longer be able to offer them what they are looking for and what in some time was useful and generated a lot of sales, in another time it may become obsolete. A very clear example of this is one of the companies that for a long time was among the first places of entertainment: Blockbuster, this small business was dedicated to the rental and sale of videocassette movies originally and later on DVD or even blu-ray , video games could also be obtained through their stores. The business was going quite well, in fact, families on weekends used to go to Blockbuster to rent a couple of movies to enjoy with the family. However, times changed and the digital era began, with which many changes and new companies came, including Netflix, this company was very small at the beginning, so I am looking for an alliance with Blockbuster, since this was the giant of the movies, however, Blockbuster decided to decline the offer and Netflix kept going. 

Over time, digital and the internet began to gain even more strength and Netflix became a quite influential company, as people began to consume more of its content, leaving aside the movie rental that had been so important until the date. And that is how the Blockbuster story ended, all the existing stores around the world had to close since what they offered was not so good for people when they had the ease and comfort of enjoying different content without even having to leave their houses. Blockbuster left a legacy, but he lost everything simply by not being open to change and not wanting to update himself, this leaves a great lesson for all those companies that think that the formula they use today is eternal, so they know that it is not thus, they must always be in search of improvements that can be made to the business, otherwise, they will become obsolete.