13 Feb

What Businesses Should Look for in Commercial Landscaping Services


If your place of business has a poorly kept exterior, you are sending your customers, guests and clients a message that your products and services are flawed. This is precisely why managers and business owners invest in commercial landscaping services to ensure their exterior property is clean, safe, and inviting. But all too often leadership runs into complications in finding the best company offering commercial landscaping services that will accommodate their needs. That said, this article is intended to help managers and business owners learn how to identify the right company, that offers the right commercial landscaping services, that will enable you to grow your business.

All Commercial Landscaping Services Should Come from the Same Provider

Some businesses make the mistake of hiring multiple companies to perform specific commercial landscaping services. For example, one provider may advertise as being a lawncare expert, while another specializes in parking lot maintenance and sidewalk repair, and yet another offers snow and ice removal. However, when you contract with multiple providers you automatically create an environment where disaster can thrive. Now you need to communicate with multiple parties, synchronize all services with various vendors, and pay out multiple invoices. Not only will such an arrangement eat up more of your man hours, it will also wind up costing you more money as opposed to paying a single invoice from a solo provider that offers all commercial landscaping services.

Seasonal Expertise

Your commercial landscaping services should come from a company that offers seasonal services. For example, snow plowing, snow stacking, snow removal and ice removal should be routinely scheduled through the winter months, and the provider should be willing to make additional visits in the event of sudden heavy snowfall. In the fall months debris tends to gather on properties, clog catch basins, drainage systems, and gutters. Your commercial landscaping services should cover this level of care. Then there are general services like common area maintenance, lawn care, tree care, landscaping, and repairs to concrete, stucco, and asphalt. A holistic plan that covers each season should be laid out, and every single one of your properties should be covered by the appropriate services. 

Strategic Planning

Finally, your commercial landscaping services should come from a company that can handle multi-site locations, and provide each one with a strategic preventative care routine. The plan will be based on geographical locations, the property’s current condition, common weather patterns, and the average car and foot traffic each receives. For example, let’s imagine a hotel chain has contracted out to have 30 properties covered for commercial landscaping services. A property in a place like Arizona that sees little snow, has lots of dust, and dry debris could benefit from commercial fencing installation to prevent rolling materials from littering the property, and routine power washing along the building and parking lot to rid the facade of layers of dirt and dust plastered to surfaces by the wind. However, properties along the east coast wouldn’t need this exact level of care but perhaps something for areas with heavier moisture, and that get snow and more rain.